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Welcome to the bridge of the USS Cherokee. This galaxy class starship is a member of the Azeri Fleet, which consists of many ships patrolling the Alpha and Beta quadrants. The Cherokee's mission: peaceful exploration and diplomacy. It's name: a reminder not to let the mistakes of the past happen again. We strive for peace. We strive for balance. But we are armed for defense. Let those that would seek to murder peace know that the crew of the USS Cherokee will courageously rise up in its defense.

While you're on board, please feel free to visit the other areas of the ship and get to know the crew. Then, if you feel up to the challenge, join us for our never ending journey into the unknown.

Click on above image to initiate transport to the department pages.

USS Cherokee logo created by Sergio Arleo

Other original images on site not copyrighted by Paramount or the site's host are created by the crew of the USS Cherokee and other members of Azeri Fleet.

Actor/Actress images are believed to be public domain and no copyright infringement is intended. If you own the copyright to any of the actor/actress pictures on the site and do not wish it displayed, please contact the fleet, and the picture will be removed as soon as we can.

Ship Awards

Unit Posting Commendation

Unit Posting Commendation
Awarded to a unit which has all 'active' players post the expected number of quality posts in a month.

2003 October
2003 December
2004 January
2004 March
2004 September
2005 May
2005 September
2006 February
2006 April
2006 May
2007 January
2007 February
2007 March
2007 December
2008 January
2008 February
2008 November
2009 January
2009 February
2009 March
2009 April
2009 May
2009 June
2009 July
2009 September
2009 October
2009 November
2009 December
2010 March
2010 June
2010 September
2010 October
2010 November
2010 December
2011 March
2011 April
2011 May
2012 December
2013 January

Unit Fleet Commendation

Unit Fleet Commendation
Awarded to a unit which has distinguished itself by meritorious service in the service of the United Federation of Planets over a period of twelve (12) months.

2004 February
2005 February
2006 February
2007 February
2008 February

Mission Commendation

Mission Commendation Award
Awarded to the USS Cherokee for outstanding performance in the service of the Fleet during a single mission that sets an example for the fleet.

September 2003 - Mission 002 - "Illusions"
August 2005 - Mission 007 - "Vendetta"
March 2009 - Mission 015 - "Mind Drain"